Dream wedding – Darja & Anže

Darja & Anže – Slovenian dream wedding


Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia, July 16. 2016.


Darja and Anže did it – they’ve had their dream wedding. Soon-to-be-married couple knew exactly what they wanted:

They both knew they wanted an outdoor wedding, with Brdo pri Kranju in mind as perfect location. Anže insisted on fine catering service, while Darja wished a fairy tale wedding. Preparations began a year in advance, when they found an answer for the question bothering them most – who’s going to take pictures.

– Although I’ve got many friends who are photography enthusiasts, as soon as we saw Gettzy Photo booth on Celje Wedding Fair we knew it was going to be it –
Anže told us cheerfully, as he takes a peek into the wedding album every now and then, reminding himself of the big day when he and Darja both have said “I do”.

As Brdo pri Kranju has plenty of great spots for photo shooting, Krešo and Maja easily composed a photo session that the newlyweds shall remember ever after. Although the cloudy sky got Darja worried, Krešo and Maja managed to catch the atmosphere and young couple’s happiness. – Gettzy and KreMa accepted our ideas in a relaxed atmosphere, but also suggested some great ideas of their own. We really enjoyed every moment of it, as you can see on our photos.

There were plenty of great moments, but the bride throwing a bouquet from the bridge is one to remember. – It’s part of the tradition, done for a happy marriage – revealed Anže, explaining how that very bouquet was wrapped around the wedding rings pad before the vows of love to each other and rings were exchanged.


A highlight of their wedding on the Island of Love was the arrival in a carriage, as befits a fairy tale princess. – Darja is my princess, even when we went to buy a wedding dress, the sales lady recognized it and, instead of the one Daria chose, offered a beautiful wedding dress only a handful of women could wear. So my princess told her story in that special dress, while I’ve had great time in my suit… And we’ve got all those beautiful photos to remind us, said Anže showing us photo book.


Not just us, but our children and grandchildren  in years to follow will enjoy our wedding book, which is thanks to Krešo and Maja, truly unique.




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